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drop* :

The natural serums essential to your well-being routine. Three plant-based care oils with a high concentration of natural active ingredients provide your skin with energy and help it fight everyday aggressions.

*made in france

Deodorant* :

With its 100% natural and vegan formula, this deodorant balm will become your best ally. It absorbs moisture and inhibits bacteria for long-lasting effectiveness while respecting your skin. Its floral and acidulous notes will help keep your underarms fresh all day long!

*made in france

deodorant 100% botanique et naturel bio

Botanical Deodorant


Deodorant naturel 100%

solid* :

Cold saponified natural solid care. A powerful cleansing trio that respects your scalp and soothes your skin. Free of sulphates, silicone and disruptive agents.

*made in france

holistic* :

The use of Palo Santo dates back to the Inca and Mayan Shamans, who used it to soothe the mind and body ailments and purify objects and places. Discover our pouches of high-quality Palo Santo sticks from Peru with a sweet, woody, pleasant aroma with notes of eucalyptus. A natural purifier and protector, Palo Santo incense cleanses the atmosphere by transforming negative energies.

*Superior quality from Peru

Palo santo salle de yoga encens odeur

Palo Santo


Palo Santo cosmétique holistique du pérou
shampoing solide saponification à froid
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